Redefining the Laws of Attraction at

8 Feb

Redefining the Laws of Attraction at

There exists a widespread belief that the laws of attraction, love and relationships are predefined in this world.  When you enter you will understand the practical aspects of this universal law. But how will you ever know what is the set of predefined laws? This is where the influence of moon, intoxication of love potion; eternal love of amulets, invisible influence of sigils and the unmistakable effects of love spells can be experienced. Every object and concept you find here is derived from the most ancient formula of ingredients which assure the success of your love in all the aspects.

Alchemy of Love and Relations at

The alchemy of love starts with the spell to invoke a positive response from your love. She might have a soft corner for someone whose picture is yet unclear in her heart. She might be in a state of infatuation with someone who is known to her. There is also a possibility that she is simply ignorant about love. The objects of love spells you find at can reveal the innermost secrets of her heart.

What happens when her heart is reveled to you? Would you like to go heartbroken or would you be interested in winning over her heart? If you have made up your mind to pursue her you can find a great chest of love spells which carry your love through the different phases of invocation, initiation, expansion and obsession until she is unified with you. This could be time consuming and demand lots of patience and persistence from you. But you are assured of the outcome as she is drawn towards you by the strings of karma which she won’t be able to detach from her. Even during the days of waning moon and the dark skies spreading their influence, you will be able to bind her by the spell of your love from

Influence of the Unseen at

The perspective of approaching your lover at could be magical, mythical or celestial depending on the level of passion you have for her.

  • The intensity of love spells starts at low levels and grows progressively to overwhelm her mind, soul and the body. In the beginning she might not have observed you intentionally. But she would soon be induced by the objects which generate magnetic vibrations in her surroundings. You can literally buy many such objects from which has been crafted to perfection by the Celtic masters of love-craft.
  • Once the aroma starts spreading its influence into her mind and heart she would inevitably approach you for friendship. Now you are sure that the spell is having its intended effects. You need to be patient at precisely this stage for any false move could eventually break the spell.
  • The flowers of infatuations soon start blooming which soon get transformed into compassion and passion. Once this stage is reached, she tears off all the strings of reticence from around her. Now you can express your fervor for her.